Health - Frack Them All!



Russia Today investigates the fracking epidemic in rural areas all over the United States in Frack Them All! Industry representatives claim every possible precaution is taken in the natural resource extraction process that has become popular, and a lightning rod for criticism, in recent years, but residents in areas where extraction sites have been built coming down with a slew of unexplained illnesses and ailments are just one example of the data being compiled showing those precautions are not nearly effective enough. Whereas traditional drilling has been a vertical method straight down into the earth below it, fracking is a process where a drill descends to a desired depth, then turns at a 90-degree angle and extends for thousands of feet to the location where the natural gas is believed to be trapped. A mix of water, sand, and various chemicals are then pumped into the well at extremely high pressure to create fissures in the shale so the gas can escape. The gas is extracted through the drill, and the waste water used in the process works its way to the surface where it needs to be stored and disposed of safely to avoid contaminating all it comes in contact with. The water is many times saltier than even sea water, and frequently picks up radioactive materials and toxic metals such as arsenic. Needless to say, these byproducts create a substantial health risk to communities surrounding the areas where the drilling takes place. The film focuses on a number of residents in regions where this exact exploitation is running rampant. Randy Moyer, an activist in Portage, Pennsylvania that is also a victim of nearby drilling, is suffering from rashes, swelling, tooth decay and loss, tightening of joints - all of which have been diagnosed as chemical exposure symptoms, symptoms he and his wife believe to be correlated with nearby drilling. A number of other activists are also profiled engaging in a range of protest and investigative efforts that are aimed towards bringing this issue further into the public eye and actually getting government officials to take action against companies reaping tremendous rewards at the expense of human life crippled and lost in the process.