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Ticks: The Real Vampires has been filmed on two continents - Europe and North America. It is comprised of two action curves. One is a portrait of the life cycle of the tick throughout its three stages of development - as larvae, as nymphs and as adults. All action will take place in natural surroundings. Using special lenses the tick will be shown full-screen from its hatching stage, on the hunt for a host, in reproduction through to the laying of its eggs and evenual death.The second action curve depicts the gripping, thrilling story of the discovery of the most important and frequent transferred disease of the tick worldwide - Lyme Disease. Beginning with the first occurrences in the village of Lyme, Connecticut in the 70s, to the identification of the virus in the mid 80s, to the unmasking of borreliosis as a true epidemic and the reason behind wides.VN:F [1.9.7_1111]