Health - Why Am I Still Fat?



Obesity continues to plague every corner of society, and has brought about a flurry of critical health issues never before witnessed in modern medicine. The Australian produced documentary Why Am I Still Fat? focuses on the science behind this epidemic. By understanding the role our bodies, brains and environments play in shaping our weight fluctuations, we may be better equipped to achieve success in our dieting efforts. The film contains a series of surprising revelations that could inspire a significant shift in the obesity conversation. For instance, did you know that you could actually diet yourself into a fatter state? Scientists call it the famine reaction, and its the brains defense mechanism that actually works against our efforts to lose weight. This reaction creates increased appetite and decreased energy, effectively manipulating the dieter into over-consuming in order to refuel. As detailed in the documentary, controlled studies have been conducted in order to determine the most effective methods for combating this natural bodily reaction. The science behind weight grain transcends the physical in many other respects as well. At the South Australian Health and Research Institute, researchers are investigating the communications between stomach nerves and the brain, and how these transmissions fundamentally change when weight gain occurs. For those who feel they must resort to gastric bypass surgeries in order to shed pounds, this research study could offer much welcomed insights into less drastic non-surgical solutions. Coping with the manner in which our bodies process the foods we eat constitutes another struggle in the ongoing battle of the bulge. In one scientific study, laboratory mice are fed a consistent diet high in carbohydrates and proteins. Internal examinations detect massive weight gain and organ inflammation - a reaction similar to what occurs in humans who partake in such a diet. But these scientists have detected a single ingredient which greatly diminishes these adverse reactions: anthocyanin-enriched plums. Featuring commentary from scientists, food experts, and various dieters who embody the frustrations of millions the world over, Why Am I Still Fat? offers hope and possibility to those who have found little success from their weight loss endeavors.