Health - Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead



Joe Cross finds himself 100 pounds overweight and suffering from autoimmune disease and realizes he has reached a crossroad in his life. It occurs to him that he is Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and undertakes a personal mission to reverse the dietary habits and lifestyle he had been living by replacing the junk food he normally ate with nothing but vegetable juice for 3 months. Joe decided to try a controlled experiment to determine if replacing processed and junk foods with a source of high nutrient rich diet by drinking only vegetable juice would help him to regain his health by allowing his immune system and boost the bodys ability to heal itself. He embarks on his 3000 mile trip across America with a juicer and generator in his vehicle and begins his experiment of juicing and drinking nothing but fresh vegetables and fruit for 60 days. During his trip, he stops and speaks with over 500 Americans about what they eat, general lifestyle and their thoughts about Joes experiment. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead the movie has gone on to inspire millions, and many now follow Joes Reboot your Life program. A path to better health and wellness by incorporating juicing into ones daily life.