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After the Dark Ages Italy lit up the world. It emerged from the devastating cloud of the Black Death and brought innovation, spectacle and the glorification of man. It was an explosion of new ideas from some of the greatest minds of all time. It produced some of the greatest works of architecture, art and engineering the world has ever known. But achieving such genius was a struggle, as builders battled unprecedented natural disaster, church dogma and each other. This was the age of architects and it created a bold new sense that nothing was impossible. After the fall of Rome, Italy fell into a dark sleep, and wasnt reawakened until the 11th century. Autonomous city-states emerged and these tiny republics began to revitalize their cities and build on a massive level not witnessed since the rise of Rome. In the late 15th and 16th centuries, alliances among various city-states continually shifted as foreign superpowers tried to sink their claws into Italy. The masters who are best known for creating the works of art and architecture of the Renaissance, were also the greatest military and civil engineers of the time.