History - Marco Polo: Journey to the East



Leading historians and historic re-enactments bring the fabled journeys of the worlds most famous adventurer to life. His epic adventures in the Far East remain among the most celebrated journeys in human history. His writings gave Europeans their first authoritative look at life in that distant land. Marco Polo will forever be remembered as one of the greatest explorers and adventurers in history. His 20-year sojourn took him to China, India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. He served in the court of the Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan and for three years governed the city of Yangzhou. Extensive excerpts from The Travels of Marco Polo capture the magic and wonder of his journey, while historians reveal what is known of his private life. See how his famous trip was actually the second undertaken by his family, and discover how his capture by Genoan forces in 1298 led to the writing of his historic book. Its a thrilling account of one of the greatest adventures in human history, and a revealing portrait of the man who went where others dared not dream.