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June 1940 marked a pivotal moment in the Second World War. That month witnessed Nazi Germanys most aggressive move against England: the deadliest continual air strike in military history, the Battle of Britain. In an address to Parliament, Prime Minister Churchill predicted calamity just days prior to the strike. Few could have foreseen the extent of the destruction, but fewer still could have imagined the heart-tugging stoicism and courage with which the English people responded. This package from The Timeless Media Group revisits those crucial hours and days with a collection of films that evaluate the Battle of Britain from many different angles. It begins with The Battle of Britain, wherein two pilots reflect on their experiences during these battles. The second installment in the package, a patriotic title called The Battle of London, evaluates the direct impact of the Battle of Britain on the citizens of London. The documentary V.I.!,produced by Britains famous Crown Film Unit, tells the horrific tale of the development of the V1 Rocket, and the Nazis decision to unleash it on England. Finally, the American-produced documentary London Can Take It!, from 1940, evaluates the triumphant role played by London citizens in defending the City of Big Ben during the Battle of Britain - a citizenry described by the documentary as The Greatest Civilian Army Ever Assembled. This package also includes an array of thematically-related bonus films, including English Wings Over Water, Target for Tonight, The Air Plan and RAF in Action.

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