Crime - Asia's Illegal Animal Trade



Day by day, hour by hour, our planets rarest creatures are being hunted, trapped and slaughtered to feed a global black market in wildlife products. For years, Patrick Brown has traveled across Asia to document the devastating impact of wildlife trafficking. Now hed like to bring his work to a worldwide audience, by producing a campaigning photographic book called Trading to Extinction. It is a shocking tale of cruelty, crime and human greed. As with drug trafficking, money fuels the animal trade. Its tentacles wrap around the world, from the remote forests of Asia to the trafficking hubs of Beijing, Bangkok, London, Tokyo and New York. A poacher who kills a rhino and removes its horn in India gets $350. That same horn sells for $1,000 in a nearby market town. By the time it reaches Hong Kong, Beijing or the Middle East, the horn is worth $370,000. Tiger bones are worth up to $700 per kilo.