Talks and Lectures - Nanomaterials: Graphene



Graphene is a nanomaterial that is made out of pure carbon. Nanotechnology has been used in various fields such as computer science and engineering, physics, chemistry and biology.These single layer sheets of graphite are as thick as just one atom, which means the scale of things on the nano scale are smaller than the width of a human hair, but are much stronger than steel yet much lighter in weight. Graphene is an excellent conductor of electricity, In the field of flexible electronics and wearable electronics the potential uses for graphene are immeasurable. Scientist have also experimented with the use of graphene in the desalination of salt water. It is possible for anyone to make there own graphene right in there own home with the use of basic household materials. The scotch tape method incorporates the use of scotch tape and a pencil. By simply shading over the scotch tape with the pencil, and then continuing to pull away the sticky sides of the tape until the graphite is so thin that the graphite is eventually the size of a single atom, you have made a two dimensional graphene sheet.Although, Scientists have come a long way in the research and development of graphene, The use of graphene in commercial applications may be several years away.