Society - Mundos Perdidos: The Mountain of Mystery



South of Venezuela is a region dominated by large rock formations in the Precambrian era surrounded by the largest virgin forest in the world. Is Guayanes Massif, whose majestic tepuis (mountain pemone language) have always been feared and revered by the natives of the area. This chapter takes a tour of these giants intense geological and untamed nature around them, while making contact with some of the tribes that inhabit the Orinoco basin.Separating the tepuis fly over the Amazon basin of the Orinoco to reach the largest of these, the Auyan Tepuy. The flat surface of the summit is 700 square kilometers and boasts the highest waterfall in the world. This impressive waterfall of nearly a mile high, called Angel Falls is considered taboo by the Indians as gods who inhabit it should not be seen.The tour of this enigmatic region, one of the least explored of Venezuela, we will live with native tribes as Sanema. Know their traditional lifestyles and follow them into the forest, which was admitted to hunt. We will witness the rituals by which, through the use of powerful hallucinogens, are introduced to the gods who dwell this amazing region dominated by the tepuis.