Religion - Inside the Scientology Celebrity Centre



Steven Mango is an actor, business owner and he was a four-year parishioner of the church of Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood. He came in there in hope to find spiritual fulfillment and get some guidance in his acting career. Over the course of four years he has donated close to $50,000 to the church of scientology. In return they lied to him, they manipulated him, and they took advantage of him. They were convincing him to give up his acting career and become a staff member. The program was basically manual labor from sun up to sun down. They were yelling at him and insulting him on a daily basis. According to Steven, theyve also suggested to women to have an abortion if they get pregnant because they believe the kid is just going to hold back women from their mission. The way he got into scientology wasnt through family or friends but through a simple newspaper ad which was promising breaking into the industry. As a young actor he was looking for a help to get into the entertainment industry and the ad caught his attention. The ad listed how youre going to be able to learn how to get an agent, manager, how to get in front of casting directors, etc. Those are all things every actor is looking for when they come to L.A. He knew about L. Ron Hubbard... he knew he was the founder of the church of scientology but he really didnt know much about what the church actually was. He knew that scientology had a really large celebrity following and he was curious about what they have to offer. At the workshop there were basically no acting lessons whatsoever but just a presentation of various scientology principles and an intrusive persuasion to join to course. Stevens journey into the world of scientology started right there.