Economics - How to Win the Loser's Game



Pensions and how theyre managed by funds managers in the UK are the major focus of the documentary, How to Win The Losers Game. It has a sort of news meets education film feel, and is meant to inform, as well as to expose a flaw in the way the majority of people in the United Kingdoms money is being handled by funds managers that they are then expected to pay. The film liberally uses generous amount of animations, in text form, and graphics that mostly reinstate what is being said by the narrator. In this way, watching the documentary can feel sort of like watching a professional or classroom setting presentation. Getting the most out of How to Win The Losers Game does require viewers to have a particular level of knowledge when it comes to the matters that are being discussed. Its more of a process that you need to understand, as opposed to a list of terms that will seem familiar but refer to things that are fundamentally different in the practical ways that they apply to many everyday peoples finances having to do with an entirely different economy than the one here in the United States. Maybe this film will interest you enough to learn more and revisit it. This program submits a theory on how the market works and who it works for, and supports this theory with data and evidence compiled from various sources. It lacks any sort of frill, and relies solely on the quality of the information being shared, and the factuality of the statements. Its one for the investors in the UK, and the monetarily minded anywhere.