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Part 1: The Keynes vs Hayak Rap. Part 2: Economics in One Lession. Part 3: How An Economy Grows and Why It Doesnt. Part 4: An Introduction to Austrian Economics. Economic progress is the number one enemy of the state. The richer people are, the less dependent, and the poorer people are, the more dependent. Austrian economics should not be studied merely to understand the basics of supply and demand, Austrian economics is a philosophy and a field of work unto itself, when you understand real economics you understand everything, no amount of statist propaganda can confuse you or hide you from the truth. With the world becoming ever more socialistic and the government printing record amounts of money, there could be no more important time to understand what economics is, how wealth is actually created, and how the world was transformed in only 200 years from a world of incredible scarcity to a world of unimaginable abundance.