Economics - An Inconvenient Death



A documentary wake up call to all families, regardless of political affiliation, to end Americas spending and debt crisis. Let us not engage in the wrong argument, at the wrong time, between the wrong people, in the wrong country, while the real problems of our time grow and multiply, fertilized by our own neglect. - John F. Kennedys ever insightful quote ushers in a haunting warning in this films walk through Americas new struggle for economic survival in the 21st century. For those who enjoyed the documentaries: Capitalism: A Love Story and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room comes a film that highlights the ongoing economic collapse from the working class perspective. An Inconvenient Death documents the death of the American middle class and the catastrophic debt that is crushing American society from all directions. From the ever mounting Federal U.S. deficit, the oblivious inability to conquer spending, to the ticking time bomb of unfunded liabilities, An Inconvenient Death: of the middle class explores the greatest challenges and threats to todays working class. Written and produced by Canadian Andrew Materi, An Inconvenient Death presents the historical, governmental, political, and personal issues on how the middle class is slowly fading. This non-partisan, non-political film investigates the complexities of the deteriorating American economy and attempts to spread the blame not merely across poor government policy but also corporations and individual consumers, while maintaining the central focus of the film sympathetically on the middle class.