Economics - After Armageddon



Are You Prepared for the Impending Global Fiat Currency (U.S. Dollar) Collapse? Global Monetary collapse is 100% assured as a result of the nature of Fiat Money (unbacked currency units). History proves that every fiat currency returns to its intrinsic value over time - Zero! The U.S. Dollar has now lost 97% of its value since the inception of the Federal Reserve (as federal as Federal Express) and the U.S. income tax in 1913. The U.S. and its global reserve currency (the U.S. dollar) stands in its 41st year of pure Fiat in 2012. What is uncertain is how this epic event will ripple into other areas of the global economy. Will all economic activity cease causing movement of vital resources to come to a standstill? How long will the transitional period last until the new global reserve currency becomes backed by gold once again? How long can you survive during this period? It is well known that there exists only about 3 days of food item inventory at your local grocery store. Do you have food/water storage? Do you have firearms/ammo to protect yourself when the police force disappears? Do you have items to barter with? Do you have antibiotics/prescription medication storage?