Drugs - Stoned Moms



What is the first thing you think of when you think of marijuana? If you thought the highly unlikely answer suburban moms smoking it, you are right in line with the legal cannabis industrys marketing objectives. Stoned Moms: The Marijuana Industrys Greatest Untapped Market covers just that - the rapidly developing ($1.4 billion in 2013) cannabis industrys efforts to convince middle-aged women with children that smoking a little pot isnt such a bad thing. Nearly 70% of current legal marijuana sales come from heavy users, making casual partakers a largely untapped market for the companies behind the big legalized substance business. The film takes us through the various aspects of the cannabis industry by way of following Jessica Roake, a young Washington mother of two that at the outset of the story explains she used to smoke weed in college, but had decided to abstain since becoming a mom. We accompany her as entrepreneur Peter Johnson takes her on tours of a Colorado marijuana growth facility, an edible marijuana bakery, retail weed shops, and an outdoor grow operation - then joins her in the vast array of ways to actually consume the drug itself in modern day weed society, such as the wildly popular vaping. These all are regular stops on tours that Johnson conducts as part of his weed tour business. Roake explains that At first theres that feeling that you are doing something, like, deeply illegal, as she tours the immense growth facility and peruses the various strains of marijuana being cloned in their laboratories. The filmmakers wrap up the story by talking with Jessica about her experience, on site at a marijuana-friendly ranch-style recreation facility, where she explains the drugs effects on her and the ways in which marijuana could fit into her life. Her and the Vice correspondent that has been accompanying her throughout, Krishna Andavolu, test out product on the farm-like grounds and carry on a number of giggly conversations about heady marijuana-related philosophical topics that you may very well have had as a defiant teenager in a friends basement a time or two.