Crime - Crimes That Shook Britain: The Hungerford Massacre



2007. A look back at the Hungerford Massacre (1987) and its impact on the people who survived to one of the worst tragedies of UK history.On 19 August 1987 a small village in Berkshire became the setting for what was then the biggest mass murder in British history. Heavily armed with a Kalashnikov, an automatic rifle and a Beretta pistol, Michael Ryan took to the streets of Hungerford firing at anyone in his path. By the end of the afternoon Ryan had gunned down 16 people including his own mother, seriously wounded another 15 people and transformed the lives of everyone who was unlucky enough to be there that day. According to Sir Charles Pollard, the officer in charge of police operations that day, it had a profound effect far beyond the Berkshire village.