Crime - Boys For Sale



1981. The tragic and shocking abuse of boy prostitutes is discussed by Dr. Tom Philpott and former Editor of The Daily Texan, Mark McKinnon, who has written articles on the subject. Philpott has found that these children are frequently physically abused, even tortured and killed. Many of the men who participate in this practice are among some of the most respected people at the top levels of the U.S. corporate and governmental structures. We discuss prominent cases of sexual abuse of boys and possible connections between child prostitution and the murder of black children in Atlanta. Because this tragic, national scandal has largely been ignored by the mass media, our concluding segment focuses on the press coverage and on the handling of the situation by the law enforcement and judicial systems. The program looks closely at the boys themselves: their backgrounds, how they got into the life, why they stay in it and how they feel about themselves. We also reveal the extent of the threats and violence toward the people who have been active in exposing the situation and bringing it to the attention of the public. In 1991 it was alleged that Tom Philpott had commit suicide, but back in 1982 in an in-depth article published in Texas Monthly, Tom revealed that he had been shot at and had received death threats concerning his active role in exposing this organized criminal activity.