Biography - How Did Einstein Think



History Channel examines the facts about Albert Einsteins accomplishments. This biography documentary scientifically explore Einsteins personal life, his passion and intellectual breakthrough discoveries to an excellent timeline. The death of Albert Einstein in 1955 produces a wide range of books, films and articles about the man....the scientist....the philosopher....the humanist....the physicist....and the legend. Most of the wonders of science in these modern times is originated to some accomplishments of Albert Einstein. Example of these are his brilliant theory of light along with the photon trigger the development of lasers, solar cells, GPS, Television and many other technology we use today. His highly regarded theory of relativity revealed the mystery of the stars his famous equation E = mc is recognized even by young students. It has already provided us with nuclear energy, and in the future, the fusion power can provide us limitless energy through this equation. His discovery of the general theory of relativity lead us to the Big Bang theory, the study of gravity waves, hidden black holes, and modern astronomy. The film looks at how a creative, impudent patent clerk, a troubled father of his family in a rough marriage who unable to find a teaching job, became a Nobel Prize holder and the mind-reader of God, the solver of the puzzles of the atom as well as the cosmos. This is a complete and uplifting account of one of the great scientific thinkers of the century.

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